Our DictumThe NewsGallery (NG) is a new-media lifestyle publication (also available on the iPhone and on the iPad) for women, covering: culture, technology, travel, architecture, the arts, fashion, interactive media, music, the occasional politics, and NYC events. We believe in creating quality content whose goals are to provide substance that will put you in the know, inspire you, and alert you to nuances that are submerged within cultures as well as subcultures.  

While the NewsGallery seeks to feature cutting edge concepts, it also aspires to evoke the sensation of travel, which will hopefully galvanize you to create and immerse yourself in your own passions by connecting the dots in style.

At the NewsGallery, we strive to offer not just visual, but intellectual stimulation. So if you want to enrich your daily reads, have a stroll inside the NewsGallery, and you’ll be sure to discover something from outside the box. 

Don't waste anymore time looking at unworthy content: Connect The Dots In Style at the NG.  

NewsGallery: It's Not Just News, It's a Luxury

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