Thursday, January 17, 2013


Today launches its new batch of films for 2013.  The selection has an arresting variation of contemporary French film making with a handful of them highlighting female leads.  Have a peek at some of the trailers below (after the jump).

MyFrenchFilmFestival 2013 - Official trailer

The film festival is purely digital, and can be seen in its entirety at the comforts of your own homes from January 17 - February 17. Each film can be rented for a very low rate: somewhere between $1.30 - $2.30 per movie. The festival is even free for some countries such as Poland, Turkey, Russia and all of Latin America.  Go HERE to check out

myFFF 2013 - English Trailer - Un monde sans... by Myfrenchfilmfestival

myFFF 2013 - English Trailer - parlez-moi de... by Myfrenchfilmfestival

myFFF 2013 - English Trailer - Sport de filles... by Myfrenchfilmfestival

myFFF 2013 - English Trailer - Louise Wimmer by Myfrenchfilmfestival

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