Wednesday, December 12, 2012


The Harvard Graduate School of Design has recently released a free iPad app based on the Harvard School of Design book, published in 2010. The free app is just as interactive as it is informative.

It is a pristine example of what the late CEO and founder of Apple, Steve Jobs had intended for the iPad for use in the education system: to become an animated reciprocal device that can replace heavy books that at times can feel limited, stale, and unresponsive.  

Harvard Graduate Design describes the app as, "an interactive map, [which] provides a way to search geographically and demonstrate where the hubs of innovative urbanism are unfolding. Users can also browse with a timeline, filterable by scale and keyword, providing another access point to the content." 

And what they are most excited about the former-book-turned-iPad-application as well, is that the app also allows "administrators to update the content as it becomes available by using CMS," which the entire collection is available in. It is certainly a new and revolutionary way of learning and it also gives the authors a new form of communicating their works towards a collective research. 

On a side note: Architect and Urban Planner, Rem Koolhaas is a professor in practice at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Check out his work: Cronocaos, which we covered last year: HERE.  And of course, to download the free Ecological Urbanism App by Harvard Graduate School of Design, go HERE

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