Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Louis Vuitton 
Women have had a long lasting love affair with their handbags.  It is a very intimate, complex and self-serving relationship whereby, women rely completely on their handbags to act as a day-to-day lifesaver—a mobile sac that houses a woman's Swiss Army knife—while perfectly complimenting one's daily attire, as well. 

Have a watch at this handbag segment (featured above via DW).  Sociologist, Jean-Claude Kaufmann investigates the intricacies of women's relationship with their purses in Italy, where women posses the most pocketbooks in the world.  Also check out Louis Vuitton's most recent ad campaign called, Balloon, (featured below, after the jump), whereby the protagonist clutches quite closely to her handbag and uses it to accomplish her mission for the day.

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