Tuesday, September 25, 2012


In the more recent past, Google has been attempting to reinvent itself: be it Google Buzz, Google Plus, Google Phone, Google everything, really.  And the latest product as of yet that actually doesn't resemble a Facebook or an Apple product is something that hasn't been seen before in any market—the Google glasses, aka Google Glass.   

"They are a new form of computing designed to be handsfree," according to Google Co-founder Sergey Brin, who also runs Google X Lab (also known as Google X).  The lab is located in a secret place somewhere in California; it facilitates innovative inventions where new technologies such as the Google Glass, Google's self-driving car, and even a space elevator are currently under intense research and development. (Watch Brin do a short demo below of the Glass).

These are just the types Google of projects that might remind us of the old and original Google: the Google that was built by a couple of engineers turned entrepreneurs, who pushed forth the information age that hasn't been the same since, and whose mantra when Brin first started the company with Larry Page back in 1998 was, "Don't be evil." 

And yet as much as both DVF and Google have made major marks on society—both in very different ways and obviously, to uneven extents—the collaboration between Diane von Furstenberg and the giant tech-comapany at this year's New York Fashion Week, is more of a disconnect.  These two have absolutely no connection whatsoever, except for perhaps maybe creating a great marketing campaign to boost each others cool factors.  

Well, whatever this may be, we hope Google will continue to foster Google X, rather than try to fit in with the in the crowd.  Google needs to remember that they're already cool, in fact they're part of what makes this country the coolest of the cool: technology is one of the areas where the US remains untouchable despite its economic woes—and the sooner Google focuses back on what it does best, the sooner we may just be able to have a free-standing computer, via glasses open to the market—or better yet, have our own personal driver in this lifetime programmed into our (Google) cars.   

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