Monday, June 18, 2012


German and American Architects Matthias Hollwich and Marc Kushner (respectively), founders of an architecture and design firm, HWKN, were chosen this year for MoMA's PS1 installation for the weekly summer event, which starts in just a couple of weeks, July 1, 2012.

Wendy, the name of the enlarged star figure that won this year's Young Architect Program (YAP) design, will be featured at PS1's courtyard (see images featured left). "This is our chance to say what architecture should be doing, and that's a big reason why Wendy looks the way she does," says Kushner.

The statement coming from the young HWKN partner, whose only 33 years old and is already heading a prominent up-and-coming firm based in New York City. The co-principle who graduated from Harvard Design School back in 2004, is also an heir to the billion-dollar Kushner real estate dynasties. (His cousin Jared Kushner—the husband of Ivanka Trump—is also the publisher of The New York Observer).

His partner on the other hand, Hallowich, has worked under some of the most in prominent architects of today, such as Rem Koolhaus, Peter Eisenman and Detlef Mertins.

He has also taught at the University of Pennsylvania's School of Design—where he has done some of his most important work and research.  Hallowich seems to have a much more practical and fun outlook on having the opportunity to create the main feature for one of NY's anticipated weekly summer events this year: "In New York, it can be so brutally hot [in the summer], you need water to have fun.  And this just fits into PS1's vision.  It's not just an ecological architectural project, but one that invites everyone to come and visit."

Going on its 13th edition,  PS1's winning design, Wendy has spiky arms made out of nylon fabric treated with a novel substance—titania nanoparticle spray—intended to neutralize airborne pollutants and, "clean the air to an equivalent of 260 cars off the road,"according to HWKN. 

Indeed aside from the environmentally friendly aspects of Wendy, the star structure will also offer shades from the sun, cool air, rain music and visuals coming from its pointy arms, as well as some social zones.  

At only 5 years to date, HWKN already has a team of 20 under its belt, and is even located in one of New Yorks most expensive real estate areas, Park Avenue. 

Have a look at some more renditions of Wendy by HWKN below. 

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