Friday, April 13, 2012


Five years after the fact, Two Days in Paris' sequel is finally here: Two Days in New York. Producer, Writer, Director and of course Actress, Julie Delpy is ready to give birth to her second brain child followed by her original concept—the first being released back in 2007—receiving much critical acclaim for its boldness, freshness and artistic direction of thinking out of the romantic comedy box.  

While Two Days in Paris is about a couple who ends up stopping over in Paris for two days, post a romantic trip in Venice, it reveals cultural differences that might polarize the couple, instead inevitably and ironically, it is what pulls them back together; Two Days in New York however, is focused more on the journey of a modern woman five years later, played by French actress Julie Delpy.  

Her new co-star is Chris Rock, this time the follow-up movie is filmed in what will reveal to be Two Days in New York and from the looks of all the clips, this one will be if not just as unbelievably funny as the first one, it'll even be funnier.  The scenario: Delpy's character Marion has now had a child with her then boyfriend Jack, played by Adam Goldberg; Marion finds her relationship in turmoil years down the line and she turns to co-worker Migus (Rock's character), and audacious hilarity ensues. 

Have a watch at the hilarious trailer (featured above), and at the very dynamic and insightful interview with Julie Delpy and Parker Posey from the Sundance Film Festival as part of the NY TimesTalk Series (featured right).  Two Days in New York is part of the selection at this year's Tribeca Film Festival: it's playing towards the end of April (more info HERE), and will open nationwide in selected theaters this August.  

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