Friday, April 6, 2012


Argentine born artist Tomás Saraceno has been chosen to present the feature large piece exhibit on top of the Metropolitan Museum for this 2012 spring and summer season in New York: Cloud City. 

The piece is a three dimensional interconnected modules—made of translucent and reflective material—it will be climbable and fully interactive.  "I like the idea when somebody moves, the other person also moves, and there's something like a coordination between them,"said Saraceno of his concept at his solo exhibition in Berlin at the Hamburger Bahnhof - Museum fur Gegenwart last September.  

He and his team will be installing a similar version of the Cloud City that he did in Berlin at the MET's rooftop, opening this May. The artist's vision is to expose the relationship between people and how one move by one person affects the movement of the others—within the realms of the artist's piece Cloud City—and by extension the suggestion that an action and thereby reaction between our movements is mimicked by us in our own global space. 

Saraceno, 38, studied art and architecture at Universidad de Buenos Aires from 1992 to 1999.  He later did his post-graduate studies in Germany at the National University of Fine Arts , Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main from 2001 - 2003.  

The thread of his theme's works has been three-dimensional large installations that are meant to act as space capsules to expose the global growth population as well as climate change.  Have a watch at the his interview above from the vissage back in Berlin (Via VissageTV), as well as some images of City Cloud.  Tomas Seraceno's piece will open to the public at the Rooftop Garden at the MET on May 15 until November 4, 2012. 

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