Friday, March 16, 2012


This weekend will be the last days you'll be able to catch the retrospective of Jean-Pau Goude's work at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris called, Goudemalion.  

The prominent illustrator, photographer and advertising film director, is having his first retrospective of his life's work at 72 years old.  And in the spirit of retrospection, he admits to two things that has helped him evolve in his long standing artistic career: "the French correction (working on the self) and working with Grace Jones.  Jones has been known to be his former muse; and although they never married, they had a son together. 

One of the most impressive features in Goudemalion, is the locomotive, which was one of the most celebrated attractions at the bicentennial parade for the French revolution back in 1989 as well, (see details in the video featured below).  

And just in case you think you've never seen any of Goude's work before, remember that unforgettable Chanel commercial Egoiste: where you have multiple women shouting out of the multiple windows, "Egosite!" over and over again—well, that was one of Goude's ( see featured below).  So if you happen to be in Paris this weekend, and are looking to feed on an artistic feast, check out Goudemalion by Jean-Paul Goude.

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