Monday, March 5, 2012


James Franco: My Own Private River
screening at the Lincoln Film Center
Photo by Getty Images
James Franco, an aficionado of the late actor, River Phoenix and critically acclaimed American Director and Screenwriter, Gus Van Sant, has recently launched his rendition of the My Own Private Idaho's lost footage called, My Own Private River, which took place at the Lincoln Center Film Society, just last week.  Franco, the actor-turned-director-turned-film maker (among countless others), has admitted he was indeed obsessed with the original film.  

Having acted in the movie Milk by Van Sant as well, Franco sparked a conversation with the director during filming together about his favorite film—realizing that there were numerous scenes that had been cut out of My Own Private Idaho's original version.  

Enter the opportunity for Franco to use all the said "long lost" footages per sé, to create a companion cut by Franco, in which he's said to apply a certain method that Van Sant has been using—inspired by Hungarian Film Director,  Béla Tarr.  Have a watch at the full Q&A (featured above) post screening of James Franco's rendition of My Own Private Idaho: My Own Private River.  

Plus, have a watch at a scene from My Own Private River by Franco, next to the trailer of the original film (both feature below), as well as an interview with both James Franco and Gus Van Sant (from September) upon Franco's promotional tour at other film festivals, prior to the New York launch. 


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