Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Marion Cotillard: Dior Campaign
The recent short-fashion-film by Dior stars its first lady, French actress Marion Cotillard called L.A.dy Dior.  Directed by John Cameron Mitchell, with films like Rabbit Hole and Hedwig and the Angry Inch on his CV, the shorts is embedded in an L.A. world, with an unhappy movie star—fed up with all the poking and prodding that comes with the over-production to produce the final product—hence, the title. 

The film is a satire—based on another satire shorts from the 70s—starring former model Lauren Hutton, directed by Richard Avedon entitled, La Mode Ropé.  A hyperactive DJ, a seductive photographer, make-up artists, hair and fashion stylists abound, with champagne in one hand and over-importance in their personal stance in the other, while Cotillard aka Margo's agent is laid out having a massage whilst having a meeting on the phone (very L.A.), and ignoring his incredibly sad, weary and dissatisfied talent. An eruption ensues.


Have a watch at the "Making of"(featured above), as well as the double feature of the short-fashion-films L.Ady Dior (top left) along side its inspiration from the 1973 short-fashion-film, La Mode Ropé (top right).

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