Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Karl by Karl Lagerfeld
Available @ Net-A-Porter.com
Last Wednesday Karl by Karl Lagerfeld: the new clothing collection for women under Karl Lagerfeld's name brand, launched on the luxury e-commerce site Net-A-Porter.com.

The campaign to promote the ground breaking collaboration for an exclusive deal between the fashion icon and perhaps the biggest luxury shop on-line, has been full of unusual but happy surprises indeed. 

From Karl Lagerfeld himself conducting an interview at the recent LeWeb (go HERE to see this fascinating and telling discussion: starring Lagerfeld and later Net-A-Porter's Chairman and Founder, Natalie Massenet), to this ridiculously clever and hilarious interview with Karl Lagerfeld by Karl Lagerfeld (featured top right), produced by Net-A-Porter and directed by Adam Mufti.

With a tap of Lagerfeld's finger on the day of the launch—using his gadget of choice—his coveted iPad, Karl made his collection live on Net-A-Porter during the public outdoor event in Paris.  Simultaneously, the ceremony was also mimicked at pop-stores in four other cities: Berlin, London, Sydney and New York, with Karl Lagerfeld aficionados gathered to get a glimpse, to shop and perhaps with the hopes of winning one of the prizes allotted for the e-commerce-event-extravaganza.   

Aside from having his own fashion label under his own name, as we all know, Karl Lagerfeld is also the Creative Director of Chanel, as well as the Artistic Director for Fendi. Lagerfeld also moonlights as a photographer, a short-film director, and as a branding consultant for massive global brands such as Coca-Cola.  

Asked by his own reflection what his secret of success is: "The secret of success is working hard. Don't drink, don't smoke and don't do drugs.  You will not get anywhere if you think you're victim of the system," replied one of—or perhaps even the most—prolific multi-tasking master, 78 year olds in the creative industry. 

Have a look at the some of the Karl looks by Karl Lagerfeld via Net-A-Porter.com (featured below, in which the last two are photography by Karl Lagerfeld himself). 

Shop Karl by Karl Lagerfeld's full collection on Net-A-Porter: HERE.

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