Tuesday, November 15, 2011


We've stopped accounting just how many creative collaborations Karl Lagerfeld has been involved in, past and present.  But one of the recent wonderments the prolific designer is doing has nothing to do with garments, branding or photography this time: Lagerfeld has teamed up with Orrefors, the global luxury glassworks company based in  Sweden. 

His new line of glasses for Orrefors has a color palette reminiscent of the fashion icon's usual color story suspect: "They only come in three colors: black, white and clear glass," Lagerfeld explained, adding, "The white is a free standing white cloud."  The newly glassworks designer has also included coasters as part of the collection — creating a very chic and high-end feel for the KL glassware.  And according to Karl, the coasters can also be used for anything else, too: such as olives, nuts or even as an ashtray.  He also describes his Orrefors collection as having "geometrical shapes, and not at all fussy."

Have a watch at the video (above) to hear Karl talk about the project and to see him sketch his designs for Orrefors.  Plus check out some extra photos (below) to get a clearer view of the collection.  

To learn more about the Karl Lagerfeld Orrefors collection or to see which stores may carry them, visit www.orrefors.com/karllagerfeld.

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