Monday, November 14, 2011


The boundaries of art today are fairly limitless. Each day artists are coming up with new ways to express themselves and say what they dare to say in a dizzying array of new mediums. The cohesion of art and technology is a great step forward for the artistic world, and at the forefront of this collaboration is Germany's Art+Com.

Art+Com is a Berlin based spatial media communication agency that thrives in this new wave of digital art form: "Art in Art+Com stands for a range of fine arts to design, while the Com, stands for computer, company, compute and a range of technical to economical [representations]," explains Head of Design and Chairman Professor Joachim Sauter at Art+Com.

BMW Kinetic Installation
These days, staying at the cutting edge of spatial new media is challenging both in the artistic and technology departments. "We can do this type of kinetic objects and also tell stories with it," says Sauter of his Art+Com strategy. "Now a days [the audience] is completely computer literate, so they want to see the same sort of digital dynamics in real physical space."

Sauter graduated from the academy of fine arts in Berlin, and thereafter studied at the German Academy for Film and Television. Following his passions, he then founded ART+COM in 1988 together with other artists, designers, scientists, and technologists alike. Their goal was to practically research this new up-and-coming medium in the realm of art and design.

The Chairman and Head of Design makes sure that the romance is his art is not lost, but rather complemented by the digital aspect: "We try to focus on this kind of digital poetry which allows people to decipher things, and during the process of deciphering you are going much deeper into the content as if you can only touch, then understand."

Have a watch at the video (via Gestalten above) and a few images by and via Art+Com below.  To learn more about Art+Com, go HERE.

Anamorphic Logos Installation
Cross Pendant Installation
Mobility Installation

Dawn Elardo also contributed to this piece. 

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