Monday, October 31, 2011


Earlier this month, a second collaboration was made (the first one being the Chanel Mobile Pavilion), between two design icons: Karl Lagerfeld commissioned Zaha Hadid once more to create the Paris runway set to showcase the Chanel 2012 Spring/Summer collection.

True to the Zaha Hadid aesthetics, the set was  filled with silhouettes that were sleek, white, and emanating fluid movements.  Although this time, Lagerfeld directed the specific theme of sea elements to capture the inspiration for his latest Chanel S/S collection.  With mermaids, seashells and sea creatures abound, the ultra-chic fashion brand has certainly never looked as fantastical as this before. Have a watch at the Chanel show (above), and see for yourself.  Lagerfeld also had a special surprise that popped right out from the massive seashell: singer Florence Welch accompanied the show with her latest album, A Yearning For Mythology (pictured top left).  Plus have a watch at Karl Lagerfeld and other VIP celebs express the intense after impressions of the event as a whole, (featured below), along with some photographs of the dreamlike set (courtesy of Chanel). 

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