Saturday, October 22, 2011


Gmail's Soon to Come Newly Redesigned Interface
Google: not known for being at the frontier of innovative design — but more for an army of brilliant engineers — is rolling out a new user-interface for Gmail at long last.  The ever-so-worldly-popular email provider has finally upgraded the user interface, after all these years.  Jason Cornwell, the User Experience Designer for Gmail even uses the Steve-Jobs-for-Apple-mantra to describe the re-designed email product as, "clean, simple, and intuitive as possible."  Have a watch at the video (below) to get a sense of what we'll be seeing on the new Gmail design soon.  A definitive date has yet to be announced by Google. 

Before long, you'll be able to set the length of your email list, your labels, and Gchat.  You'll also be able to have the profile picture of the sender next to each email.  And finally, there will be up-to-date and modern themes available to choose from, which even AOL has had on their outdated and deficient email system for quite some time.  But the difference is, this time it all be on Gmail. 

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