Sunday, July 24, 2011


Recently launched is the anticipated Episode One of JR's Inside Out project (featured below).  In this episode: the footages highlight Tunisia's fresh post-revolutionary-stage, and the impending rise of its people, as well as a tinge of what's to come in one of Japan's devastated areas.  The Inside Out project is an international undertaking funded by JR's unsuspected 2011 victory—whereby the underground artist took home the coveted TEDPrize of the year.  

Such a privilege allows the chosen candidate to use the $100,000 and more, along with the aid of TED's resourceful elite to propel the winner's wish to further the mission.  And in JR's brilliant case: the goal is for you-to-see-me and for-me-to-see-you and then perhaps to follow up with, "Are we really that different?"  Go HERE to learn more.

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