Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We're excited to announce that Art: 21's much anticipated web documentary series, New York Close Up, launches today.  

New York Close Up | Trailer | Art21 from Art21

And if you haven't heard of Art:21 as in "Art in the 21st Century," it's the very insightful and revealing documentary series on prominent artists by PBS, (which we'll be exhibiting soon as part of The NewsGallery Video Section that's to come).  New York Close Up will spotlight the lives of up-coming New York artists through their creative process.  

But it doesn't stop there: The docu-series will also showcase the lives of the artists trying to make it in the Big Apple: their lifestyle, the art scene, and the daily grind and collaborations that arise with other artists—making it a lot more to a certain extent, extensive than its big sister, Art: 21.  The Art: 21 episodes usually focus on two to three artists for the hour—exhibiting the concepts, the process, and the behind the scenes during the making of their current projects. 

James Franco pops up in the first episode of the series—as part of the collaboration between he and Kalup Linzy—who's one of the 10 featured artists followed around for the year.  The collaboration between Linzy and Franco is entitled That's Entertainment—exploring the difference between art and entertainment for a performance artist.  The two have done performance art together multiple times prior to New York Close Up.  (See sample from the first episode, featured video top right).  

It's a vivid depiction, framed candidly—with Kalup commenting on the side-effects of Franco's celebrity-ism—which he admits could negatively detract from their collaborative art performance.  While Franco on the other hand, reveals his initial connection with Kalup at Columbia University (where Franco earned one of his MFAs in literary writing), when the artist presented his work at one of the actor's classes. 

Amongst the other featured artists in New York Close Up are: Martha Colburn, Keltie Ferris, Latoya Ruby Frazier, Lucas Blalock, Tommy Hartung, Shana Moulton, Rashid Johnson, Mikah Taijima, and Mariah Robertson. To learn more about the New York Close Up project visit:​newyorkcloseup.

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