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Giving out your business cards can go one of two ways: It can be a beautiful piece of artwork that sits comfortably in your brand new client’s wallet or in the trashcan with everyone else’s negligibles. Moo lives by their vision that, “Great design is for everyone.” 

A three time Webby (an online award for presentation and design) award winning print business, is a British start-up printing business online that was founded in 2004.
They specialize in double-sided-designed business cards. This, they refer to as Printfinity (see featured video above), "Pick a card, any card."  Moo's top-notch designers use all of the card’s advertising space, (front and back). You have the option of having personalized motifs for the back of your business cards—for up to 50 different images per card that encompasses the realms of your work or company (see below)—or for those who want to visibly show off a snapshot of his or her actual work samples. 

The back side of the cards strives not only cater to photographers, architects, artists, chefs, graphic designers, and creative professionals alike, to showcase their portfolio, but also to unsuspected professionals such as Engineers, IT Specialists, and Business Consultants (see samples above and below).

Moo Design: Photographer Business Cards
Each set aside from the standard size business cards, can also be customized with rounded corners or even as mini cards. They use a thick crisp white card-stock as well as to create the effect of vivid colors. 

These fun cards can also come in matte laminate, silky, and have a faint reflective coating that is not easily scratched or destroyed. In addition to business cards, they also create and print postcards, greeting cards, stickers, and labels.

Moo Designs:  Business Consultant & IT Specialist

Moo's concept is to allow their clients to "tell your stories," via business cards if you will, as reiterated by Product Manager, Lain Farrell (one of Moo's loyal customers).  It ensures your first impression to be not just distinct but perhaps even unforgettable—making the act of card swapping artistic, fun and imaginative.

Dawn Elardo also contributed to this article.  Elardo is the Founder and Editor of The NewsGallery. 

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