Monday, June 6, 2011


At this year's 99% conference, the fundamental principal highlighted was still their usual mantra that genius = 99% perspiration and 1% inspirationfirst–coined back in 1903 by Thomas Edison in Harper's monthly.  

The main focus of 99% perspiration however, has pivoted slightly more towards the message of Scott Belsky's book entitled Making Ideas Happen (April, 2010).  Belsky, the CEO and Founder of Behance — a portfolio platform for creatives that launched the annual 99% conference (along with Coolhunting) back in 2009, has recently released his book last spring and has replaced the 99% perspiration slogan with the very title of his new book.  In essence, the book is a step-by-step breakdown of how to engage and utilize that 99% perspiration and invest all of that energy into executing your 1% idea.  This means: setting up goals, creating effective do lists, and exchanging ideas with others.  

Post earning his MBA from Harvard, the Behance and 99%  creator quickly recognized the struggles of making ones idea come into fruition — particularly amongst creative minds.  He then decided to dedicate his work and efforts to guide creatives by advising them to use organizational skills and strategizing — all along  emphasizing the critical application of what 99% perspiration — into making your ideas happen; hence, the integration of his book, the Behance network, and the annual conference is now going on its third year. 

Just some of the featured speakers at 99%, are major influencers like Jack Dorsey Creator and Chairman of Twitter (2009 presenter), John Maeda, President of Rhode Island School of Design  and Stefan Sagmeister, Grammy Award winning graphic designer (2010 presenters), author of Start With Why, Simon Sinek and SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Beth Comstock (from this year).

Have a watch at the some of the testaments from some creative focused attendees—seeking to implement their ideas (featured video top right), as well as Stefan Sagmeister's presentation (featured right) from last year's conference. 

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