Monday, April 4, 2011


NG iPad App All Tab: Vertical View
To Our Fabulous Readers!

After a couple of months of beta testing, the time we've been waiting for has finally arrived:  The NewsGallery (NG) iPad App is here!  We are beyond excited to share this news with you, and we're even more excited if you can imagine: to offer you a free subscription to our iPad version of The NewsGallery!  

Like our iPhone App edition, (and of course our online original rendition)---the interface of the NG iPad application is sleek, modern, and streamlined to The NewsGallery Tee.  And like the NG iPhone App--we've also attentively designed every single facet of the NG iPad App packaging--to salute our ongoing credo of: connecting the dots with stylistic integrity. 

Because the iPad can be the ideal digital reading companion, we've made the interface legible both in the vertical and the horizontal views! The NG iPad App presents both reading options flawlessly--with each outlook, the features' feed remains in tact along side the article you're reading.  The vertical view showcases the article feed at the bottom of your iPad screen (pictured left), while the horizontal perspective keeps the article feed running on the left (pictured below).  We've made it super easy for you to always have a clear view of all the luxury items--just waiting to be discovered.  (Screen shots pictured below).  

Suggested Interactive-Media Listening While Connecting The Dots in Style:
   AIR - Love 

We've kept the tabs as is--on the NG iPhone App--categorizing the topics of interest as follows: All, Design, Tech, The Arts, and NYC Events.  We also kept the double click function to enlarge images as on the iPhone app: this way the images aren't over-dominating the stories being told.  Hence, if you'd like to see an image in a bigger frame: all you have to do is double click--and without even leaving the article the picture becomes bigger to fit your screen.  To go back to the original view: you just have to double click again--and it automatically retracts back to its initial size. Note: we did move the More tab to the top left--residing next to the Facebook and email share buttons, now titled NG--which is different from the NG iPhone version.  (See below).

NG iPad App Design View: Horizontal Mode
NG iPad App Tech View: Horizontal Mode
NG iPad App The Arts View: Horizontal Mode

NG iPad App NYC Events: Vertical View
Of course, you can still watch our integrated videos via the NG iPad App.  Just click on play, as well as the full-sceen-icon and voila! -- you're instantly watching super cool videos and experiencing the full  inter-media publication presentation--this,  without even leaving The NewsGallery App, and if you have the 3G network, you can certainly enjoy all our interactive media perks the NG App provides: whether it's video, audio, or visuals anywhere you please.  

Lastly as we mentioned in passing earlier: we extend to you the option not only to share articles via email, but now you can post are luxury items on Facebook as well!  We're supper excited to finally add this on for you, as we know how important it is to share with those you care about, to fully connect the dots in style. 

We're incredibly proud to report with stylistic integrity that our NG iPad version doesn't digitally disappoint: We must admit that it most certainly satisfies our vision of what the aesthetic of a new media publication should offer.  So if you're an iPad owner/lover: you won't want to miss out on our present to you for being our loyal and supportive audience: a free subscription to The NewsGallery on your iPad.  

We hope you love it as much as we do! Download it now, HERE--play with it, take it out for an iPad spin, and let us know what you think!  

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