Friday, April 8, 2011


Academy Award winner Dame Helen Mirren talks to the MoMA about her exceptional fascination for art.  And more importantly, her favorite of all painters: Vasily Kandinsky.  Dame Mirren's favorite pass-time is going to galleries and museums to have an intimate moment and connection with paintings.  She makes a distinction between the way a painting or a song can touch a person versus thespianism. 

"One needs to be about [an arm's length] when looking at a painting to experience the painter's view."  Sparked at a very young age, Mirren's father, a taxi driver/aspiring painter, left quite an impression on the actress' artistic sensibilities--forming an ample appreciation to live and breath the craft unto her regular mental regimen.

And we can't blame Dame Mirren to favor Kandinskys more so than other artworks either: they are  dynamic masterpieces and loaded with geometrical combinations.  At first they appear askew and unmethodical, and then later reveal themselves as well balanced equations--always leaving much to ponder.  Have a watch at the video, and listen to the talented actress profess her love for experiencing the sensation drawn from this phenomenon we call art.  

Helen Mirren on Vasily Kandinsky

The Campbell Kandinsky collection is on permanent view at the MoMA.  For more information, go HERE.

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