Friday, April 29, 2011


The first Festival Of New Ideas For The New City of New York will launch next week--May 4 - 8, 2011--and the list of creative minds falls far from short.  

                                                                                                Festival of Ideas by Lucas Borras

The onset Festival of New Ideas For The New City will be scattered all through out Downtown's participating art institutions.  The goal of the creative gathering is to discuss the evolution of the New York within the realms of "new art new ideas," according to Lisa Phillips of the New Museum--the idea that it's the new art that really influences the initial identity and thereby movement that the city incurs.  

The three day event is also meant to culminate the future designs of New York (hence the New City reference)-- ignited, discussed, and therefore marinated amongst design geniuses and design aficionados alike.  There will be a street-fest all along Bowery coupled with multiple event happenings in and around the neighborhood to fully accessorize the New Ideas Conference.  

The Opening Keynote Address is by no other than: Rem Koolhaas.  Koolhaas is one of the living legends in the design industry.  A Co-founder of the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA), as well as a Profesor in Practice at the Harvard School of Design, Department of Architecture, (and the list goes on...), Koolhaas will have the pleasure of kicking off the New Ideas Festival with his Key Note Address on Wednesday, May 4, at 7:00pm.  

Other participants are design influencers such as Robin Chase (Founder and CEO of GoLoco and Zipcar), Elizabeth Diller (Profesor of Architecture at Princeton University and founding partner of Diller Scofildio + Renfro), Frank Duffy (author of Walk and the City, and founder of DEGW),  Andrea Blum (Profesor at Hunter College, City University of New York focusing on the relationship between art, architecture, and public spaces), and many more. 

As you can imagine the list of speakers is not just robust but an impressive one, so as not to miss.  For more information and to access the full schedule go HERE.   You can also check out the video (right) to learn more insight on this exciting new design venture--all in the name of New York's future physical as well as mental landscape.

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