Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Known for their extensive support for the arts--with its scattered global launches of Louis Vuitton galleries (Espace Culturels)-- fashion house, LV has recently launched its Double Exposure Campaign.  

The luxury brand is embarking on releasing a series of photos for this particular campaign (and there are many)--using a back to the basics type of--dare we say it, manual camera: the mercurial collodion process.  This photographic technique goes back to the very root of photography--pre-iphone-camera-apps and the digital age--the subject is required to stay still for at least 12 seconds to capture the proper image with the collodion wet plate camera.  

Louis Vuitton's strategy is to capture pictures of the subject first in this very intricate romantic practice, followed by a film to showcase the subject's characteristic possessions.  The first persona to step up to the LV plate is Sam Taylor-Wood.  Taylor-Wood is a British photographer and filmmaker--quite appropriate to open up the conversation regarding the evolution of photography.  Have a watch at her short film below to experience a peak of the collodion campaign process (after the jump).

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