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Cuban New Yorker Ruben Toledo is the artist behind the recently launched Louis Vuitton's 100 post cards--as part of the LV luxury travel collection (which he also designs).  Toledo was born in Havana Cuba, and is now a successful New York City artist.  He's also the husband of the famous fashion designer, Isabel Toledo.  

An Encounter With Ruben Toledo

Not only is Ruben Toledo a painter, but he's also a multi -platform artist--having designed artistic-visual-items for the fashion world, such as: fabrics, scarves, mannequins, store windows--as well as album covers, murals, and portraits.  

He's also been commissioned to do illustrations for prominent publications like: Vogue, The New Yorker, The New York Times, Interview, Harpers Bazaar, and countless others.  Hence, Louis Vuitton's obvious choice didn't surprise us--employing the fashion friendly artist to design LV's guide books since 1998 (see, herehere and here).  To honor the 13 year  collaboration thus far, (somewhat rare in the fashion world), the French fashion house asked Toledo to create a line of 100 Post Cards-- illustrating cities around the world--while simultaneously enhancing the travel luxury line while creating a buzz for LV, (which launched last year).  

This year the post cards are still getting a bit of attention: Just last Thursday at the Art's Talk (hosted by T Magazine at the SoHo Louis Vuitton boutique) the focus of conversation remained on Ruben Toledo's city sketches.  Asked how he gets inspired when capturing the essence of a city,--Toledo's take: "A city is nothing but the people--my forte is feeling the energy of the place."  See samples of his city drawings (pictured below). And have a watch at the video: An Encounter With Ruben Toledo via Louis Vuitton (featured above)--to see for yourself why the French luxury brand picked this New York artist to illustrate cities around the world. 

The LV Post Cards by Ruben Toledo sells for $145--which you can find HERE.  Plus, check out some city guides by Louis Vuitton below. 

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Louis Vuitton City Guides

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