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Sunset in Guanacaste (JW Marriott), Costa Rica. Image by Dawn Elardo for The NewsGallery.
Suggested Interactive-Media Listening While Having a Tropical Read:
     Stan Getz, João Gilberto - Doralice 
We're back from our breathtaking Costa Rican Road Trip!  The NewsGallery decided to go to Costa Rica (with a quick but exceptional stop over to Mexico City as well), for some proper R&R!  Here (below) are just a few shots from our entrancing Central American vacation in Costa Rica, just to give you an amuse-bouche before getting the in depth NewsGallery dish coming soon.

On top of Lake Arenal, next to Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica.  Image by Dawn Elardo for The NewsGallery.
Volcano Arenal, Costa Rica.  Image by Dawn Elardo for The NewsGallery.
Lake Arenal, Costa Rica.  Image by Dawn Elardo for The NewsGallery.
Lake Arenal next to the town of El Castillo (pictured above), is where we decided to stay in the Arenal region--realizing before hand that this side of the glorious lake is far more peaceful than the neighboring township of La Fortuna (which is a bit more trite); and once we reached the top of the mountain, (even after enduring a very challenging and rigorous dirt-road-ride deep into the night), by morning and with this 180 degree view: there were no more regrets.

Manuel Antonio Beach, View from Above. 
Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica.  Image by Dawn Elardo for The NewsGallery.
Manuel Antonio is a an oasis that houses both a tropical beach and a robust rain forest, right next to each other.  So if you're into both, and you want to experience as much as you can for a short period of time in Costa Rica, this is the whistle-stopper for you.  The roads are steep and narrow--with up and down zig-zags to consider, but you get used to this aspect after a while.  With views such as above, the prize once you've reached this destination is undoubtedly priceless.  

So stay tuned for more on our explicit reviews of the regions we visited, along with the 411 on the places where we stayed.  All and all, Costa Rica is one of the best discoveries we've encountered thus far!  We highly recommend discovering this raw and lush land, full of charm and wonder.  

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