Thursday, February 3, 2011


By: Meredith Noll
Brazil’s 2016 victory of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro has helped to further increase the nation's global presence--inciting change within the country. Various publicly funded construction projects are underway to improve the infrastructure, transportation and security to prepare for the forthcoming Rio de Janeiro Olympics, as well as new companies popping up to help accommodate foreign investors.  While it's still too early to quantify the impact of this opportunity of an Olympic lifetime for the largest country in South America, it’s apparent that the government and the people have come together with the sense of pride and passion that encapsulates the Brazilian spirit. (See promotional video and more variations of the logo below ).

The Rio 2016 Olympic logo was unveiled at Copacabana beach on New Year’s Eve 2011 by the Rio-based design firm: Tátil. It’s the first 3-dimensional Olympic logo thus far; and much like the Brazilian flag, the colors that were chosen refer to the Brazilian environment. According to Tátil, "Yellow symbolizes the sun and our warm, vivacious and happy nature. Blue expresses the fluidity of the water that surrounds us, and our easygoing way of life. Green represents our forests and hope, a positive vision that inspires us to go even further."  Have a watch at the video (below), to see some of Tátil's employees describe their creative process and the honor they felt upon creating the Olympic logo for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics 2016.  And for more on Tátil go HERE

Meredith Noll is our new Contributor from Brazil.  She'll be keeping us in the know and connecting the dots in The NewsGallery style all the way from São Paulo!

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