Monday, February 21, 2011


If you're not in the media industry, more likely than not, you probably don't have a clear view on the long and rigorous processes that goes into putting something on a page.   The labor that goes into a product that is readily available to you--weather it's print or digital, not to mention having a selection of what appears to be an infinite amount of readily available information that at times feels like forced fed information--well let's just put it to you this way: it becomes almost a natural reaction to dismiss without any appreciation, let alone realization to the fact that every little detail in the world of media presentation takes so much effort to create, to tweak, and tweak again.

Little White Lies, a British based print/online publication that makes its niche by offering movie critique expertise bimonthly, decided to create a short film--full of images that speaks to addressing this very non-consideration.  With its latest issue: The Black Swan (Issue #33), the footage released a few weeks ago, focuses mostly on the graphic design of the front page (pictured left, featuring Natalie Portman who plays the protagonist in Darren Aronofsky's ballet version of a film noir).  And yet beyond that, if you can only imagine the output behind the actual body of content: the writing, the research, the editing, the fact checking, the fine tuning, and finally, the copy editing, (not to mention the html clean up if it's digital)--all of these time consuming steps that go into each and every task on top of the just the cover page--all the dedicated hours in order to execute the entire procedure, is quite mind-blowing really.  The actual movie was shot by the film magazine itself within the  months of November and December, just this past year, which was later edited by Archer's Mark.

So the next time you're reading any well-crafted material, whether it's digital or print, you might want to envisage the labor of love from behind the pages/screen: all the media production process, and the amount of hours that goes into creating quality content, is brought to you by some very talented people--which is definitely something to keep in mind.  Have a watch at A Magazine is Born (below), to have a little taste of this fun yet diligent practice we call publication.  (Note the background music of the shorts: A Swan Is Born, via the original soundtrack of the movie). 

A Magazine Is Born - The making of Little White Lies

Little White Lies magazine, sells its printed subscription for about £20 for 6 issues a year, and it offers a digital version online gratis.  Check it out HERE.   

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