Thursday, January 27, 2011


This summer, the Senior Curator of MoMA's Design and Architecture Department, Paola Antonelli introduces Talk to Me.  The exhibition will be an extensive exploration and presentation of the relationship between humans and technology.  "Many people think of technology as a problem: in that it dehumanizes people.  I think it's a great thing because it humanizes objects!" 

Antonelli has been with the MoMA for 17 years.  She began her affair with design back in Italy, where she studied architecture at the Politecnico di Milano.  She also teaches Design Theory at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.  

MoMA Senior Curator of Design & Architecture: Paola Antonelli at the MoMA

In the Creators Project video (featured below), Antonelli discusses how technology and design must live in-tuned with one another:  "Technology would not come to life without design, and design would not function without technology. Design translates technology to  what people can use."Recently rated as one of the top one hundred most influential people in the art world by Art Review, Paola Antonelli's goal is to ease the growing angst some people have begun to feel as a by-factor of the new digital revolution age we now live in.  

Antonelli wants to employ this upcoming MoMA design exhibition to continue to investigate and introduce the evolving human interaction with technology, and how design plays its role in that equation.  Talk to Me's intention is to keep that conversation going: For Paola Antonelli, objects have always been apart of the human experience with the world.  Except now, we've arrived at a point with technology, where we've given certain electronic objects the power and language to respond back.  Have a watch at her poignant interview (below).  To learn more about Talk to Me's curation.  Check out their blog--which showcases the blueprint of the developing plans for the exhibit, HERE.  The opening day for public viewing will launch this July 24, 2011 until November 7th 2011. 

If you're interested to see more on Augmented Reality, see Keiichi Matsuda's videos HERE.

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