Friday, January 28, 2011


Two weeks ago, Louis Vuitton expanded its art marketing reach to Tokyo: in a neighborhood called Omotesando.  An upscale area full of high-end fashion shops, layered with some of  the latest and greatest architectural landmarks, the Espace Louis Vuitton Tokyo Gallery fit right back into the deluxe community.  

After the LV mansion was under renovation for a little over half a year, it finally re-opened its doors with a new brightly lit display room to show for it: The Espace Culturel Tokyo sits on the seventh floor--high enough to showcase a breathtaking view of the city while underscoring some art installations entitled Free Fall by Parisian artist Xavier Veilhan (also showing bits and pieces of the exhibition at the Maison Louis Vuitton in New York).  

The Large Carriage 3D in Versailles by Xavier Veilhan

Veilhan, whose recent success for his installation: The Large Carriage 3D in Versailles (pictured above)--gained the artist a louder international acclaim, is widely known for his common work theme--reiterating the possibilities of representation.  Have a watch at the inaugural launch party for Louis Vuitton's Espace Culturel Tokyo this passed January 15th, to get a better sense of the space, the Free Fall exhibition, and a bit of what goes into this type of high-production, grand investment for the international fashion brand. 

Free Fall will be showing until May 8, 2011 at the Louis Vuitton Espace Culturel in Omotesando, Tokyo. 

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