Friday, December 10, 2010


Dear Readers,  after a lot of hard work, we've finally done it!  Today is the launch of the NewsGallery (NG) iPhone App.  We're so excited and happy to offer the mobile NG medium to you.  We've carefully chosen every single detail of the digital packaging to honor the credo that we long to strive for: to connect the dots with stylistic integrity. 

There are many features that we think you might really appreciate. The articles are categorized by the following tabs (as pictured above): Design, Tech, The Arts, NYC Events and of course, All and More. Just press on the item you want to explore, and you'll have the article literally at your fingertips, you can double click on any image to make it larger, and best of all: You can watch any video, and once you're done--it automatically brings you back to the post.  We also made it super easy and simple to share any discoveries you'd like to share with the arrow button: Click on the icon and--Voila!  A pre-written share message with a link, which opens up to an email; and once you press send, you're back to your NG App--just like that.

Then when you slide into the More section,  you can tap the Edit option; this will allow you to re-arrange the tabs to your liking, except for the All tab, which stays put as is.  

We also added a Share and Contact tab for easy usage.  We've implemented buttons to make it easy for you to contact the NewsGallery, share or rate the app, and of course, submit any tips or leads you want us to know about.

So there you have it!  We think this application is simple to use, without compromising its design integrity.  And it's our  gift to you:  It's free!  We hope you enjoy it, and make it part of your daily reads.  So if you've been a longtime loyal supporter of the NewsGallery, now you can have our content at the palm of your hands--in bed, on the bus, while you're waiting in line, wherever! Or, if you're a reader just browsing by our site, please do check out our NG iPhone app, we think it's a great way to get your daily dose of luxury, while connecting the dots in style.

With Love, 
The NewsGallery Team
Download the new NG App HERE

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