Thursday, December 30, 2010


As we've mentioned often as of recent here at the NewsGallery, there's a new ongoing trend with fashion houses: collaborating with artists to create limited edition pieces--to make sales more exclusive--a sort of couture feeling of buying a unique piece that carries a high end name, but designed only for you.  

On a recent venture to do just that, Fendi has commissioned Aranda/Lasch (a New York based architecture firm) to create a series of objects for an art exhibition.  The ultimate goal: creating select products to sell to its public.  The show, called Modern Primitives was first launched at the Architecture Biennale in Venice this fall.  Have a watch at Aranda/Lasch video (below) as they explain their original concept of their black and white geometric installations--that unexpectedly turn into furniture blocks. 

The Aranda/Lasch show for Fendi has also procured a second life--showing at the Design Miami just a couple of weeks ago.  Here's where the brand monetizes from the fashionable art deal: At the Miami show, the concept extended itself by applying another element into the project--interactive design via iPads (and even unto iPhones) live.   

The artists had programed an algorithm into an iPad/iPhone application so that buyers themselves can play with their own design via programmed commands, and get this: they inscribe either a scarf or a bag for you that you've generated by using the tech tools at hand on spot.  Have a watch (at our featured videos) to see how they presented the abstraction.  

Staying ahead of the game, is in essence the fashion forward mantra.  It is an industry that thrives on defining new trends to hit the market, which is why like most businesses today,  the fashion industry is also trying just as hard to keep up with the latest technology and social networks enable to continue to make their influence relevant and worth spending major capital investment for consumers.  

So next time you see a cool collaboration between fashion houses and artists (with a spin of technology in there somewhere), think about the elaborate marketing strategies that go behind executing such campaigns.  You might just be fashionably amazed.  

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