Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Photo by BusinessInsider
Co-founder and CEO of Groupon, Andrew Mason sat down with Charlie Rose last Thursday to discuss his vision for the currently fastest growing company in history.  Although it's reached a guesstimated $500 million revenue--just two years after its launch in 2008, Mason (who graduated from  Northwestern University with a music degree), doesn't consider the young Chicago based business as one of the most impressive startups on the block: referring to Groupon as the NSYNC of Startup Nation, rather than something like the Beatles, (hmm Apple anyone)?

The digital-coupon-deal-master also talks about changing the world and reinventing the social wheel, yet again--away from computers and back into the community.  Rose does a concise job at bringing the young American entrepreneur back to earth, and asks:  What do you mean with coupons?  Have a watch at the series of videos (below), and find out who's behind those sometimes pesky, sometimes interesting discount offers that've been omnipresent on your web browser as of late. 

Oh and yes, news flash:  Apparently, Groupon has turned down a multi-billion dollar deal with the enterprise that is, Google--leaving the door open for a better deal, perhaps with other potential suitors. 

Groupon Co-founder & CEO Andrew Mason on Charlie Rose N.1

Groupon Co-founder & CEO Andrew Mason on Charlie Rose N.2

Groupon Co-founder & CEO Andrew Mason on Charlie Rose N.3

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