Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The future of cinema in Berlin is moving towards some drastic measures to move away from what we now know to be a cinematic experience. Fabian Riggall, the creator of Future Cinema in Berlin had this to say about the root of his new production: "I always thought cinema was very restricted and too traditional--it didn't have the same experience as going to the theater, to a music concert, or a party."

At this acutely atypical movie event in Berlin (as you will see in the video below), which takes place underground--constructed to mimic something like a film set, the theme is interactive and made to resemble the plot of the original movie.  And then to top off the ultimate movie going experience, there's even an after party post-movie-watching.  Apparently the actual screening, plays more of the secondary role--in between the initial participatory show and the dance party in the end.  In this case, the current showing was of the movie Alien.  All the 300 or so participants were asked to dress in all white attire, bring a flash light, as well as goggles for protection, or perhaps it was just the wardrobe requirement.  So next time you're in Berlin and are up for strange and unusual event, check out the Future Cinema production.  Have a watch at the captured footage below.

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