Saturday, December 11, 2010


British TV personality Alexa Chung, compares her relationship with London versus Brooklyn, well Williamsburg in particular.  The phenomenon that is called Williamsburg has grown into a self-made identity of young artists and fauxs alike.  On its end phase of gentrification and smelling of a certain artificial artistic intelligence that pervades the neighborhood, this reproduction of a European/Downtown Manhattan spin-off is a lot harder to pinpoint, and yet much easier to point out--when the ubiquitous hipsters frolic the streets, as Chung runs in to them wearing some typical MGMT uniforms, in what use to be a much dodgier hood.

These days, the fully renovated young community does have its fabulous upside--apparently, the borough currently houses two restaurants that've been stamped with Michelin stars:  Dresller and DuMont.  And yet this does not come as a total shock anymore, because everywhere you turn in the quarter, there's an even better restaurant than the last.  So if what you crave is some fun shopping and good restaurants: Williamsburg is definitely a good visit to make.  But as Chung explains: it makes for a good lover--contrary to a suitable husband. 

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