Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Urbanscreen, a new media agency that produces custom-made installations against architectural backgrounds has recently introduced Spacing:  The latest facade projection by the creative firm.  Commissioned by the International Tanztage Munster, the new German center for shopping, restaurants, and even a hotel had an exciting debut:  The entire side of the structure was taken over by graphic dancers--performing in a highly choreographed 3D form this summer to promote its opening ceremony.  

Large scale architectural projections are becoming more of a prevalent marketing trend for launching large scale ad campaigns--an effective way to plant a buzz to go viral.  Recently for example, the Guggenheim museum and Google have experimented with 3D shows to premier an event or a product (go HERE to see YouTube Play at the Guggenheim and see below for the impressive Google Dome installation both done by Obscura Digital).  Have a watch at the Spacing show (below after the jump)as well--and see how it diverts its style from the usual spectacular light show by incorporating choreographed dancers into the projection. 

SPACING | facade projection | by Urbanscreen
Dancers: Mimi Jeong, Magali Sander Fett, Leonardo Diana
Choreography: Constantin Georgescu
Concept: Till Botterweck
Art Direction: Till Botterweck, Max Görgen
Compositing: Max Görgen, David Starmann
Graphic Design: Daniel Rossa, Till Botterweck
Sound design: Jonas Wiese
Producer: Thorsten Bauer
Tehnical Director: Thorsten Bauer

Google Zeltgelst 90 ft. Dome from Obscura Digital

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