Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The Prada Foundation is Prada's art gallery, located at the fashion house's headquarters in Milan, Italy.  L'arte di Fondazione Prada shows two exhibitions a year.  This year, the Italian brand commissioned American artist John Baldessari: one of the living prolific masters of conceptual art.  

Baldessari's show is called, The Giacometti Variations: It's made up of nine facsimile of Giacometti's usual suspected sculptures.  According to Baldessari, the towering skeletal figures are "intended to emulate real life skeletal models walking down the runway."  

The statues are aligned in between each column--all of which are standing beneath a spotlighted arch to feature the decorations adorned on top--as much as the figures themselves .  

The sculptures are about 14.7 feet tall and are made up of steel and resin with a bronze finish.  

The design of the ornaments is a collaboration between Baldessari and Miuccia Prada's designers.   And in addition to the original collection, there's also an extra set of nine other supplements to alter the dress of the figures intermittently. 

True to Miuccia Prada's philosophy: her gallery strives to feature art that can be translated into a daily reality--underlining the obscured line between the two.  

Fondazione Prada 
The Giacometti Variations by John Baldessari
Via Antonio Fogazzaro
220135 Milano, Italy
Showing now until December 26, 2010 

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