Thursday, November 4, 2010


Critically acclaimed Japanese-American graphic designer/conceptual artist/author/President of Rhode Island School of  Design (RISD), John Maeda recently gave a talk at the 99% conference here in NYC called: Looking for Superman (or Superwoman). He encourages creatives to keep the faith, while sharing his own stories in cultivating the creative minds — including his own.  

John Maeda: Looking for Superman from 99% 

Maeda studied software engineering at MIT — and in the process fell in love with design.  He later completed a Ph.D. in design at Tsukuba University in Japan.  After which, he met with Paul Rand upon returning to the States, which he talks about vividly and fondly in his (video) talk below at the 99% seminar. 

In 2001, John Maeda won the National Design Award for Communication Design in the US, as well as the Mainichi Design Prize in Japan.  He was also ranked as one of the top 40 most influential designers in 2007 by I.D. Magazine — with the likes of Frank Gehry, Rem Koolhaas and Philippe Starck.  He is currently the sitting President of Rhode Island School of Design; and he's also a trustee of the Smithsonian Institution's Cooper-Hewitt Museum.

Amongst some of his well-received works are:  The Reactive Square (currently at the MoMA, pictured directly above), which transforms its shape once you interact with it; and Time Paint, (pictured atop and is currently showing at the Lentos Modern Art Museum in Austria): a time piece that illustrates the notion of timeless art by showing the illusion of paint flying through space. 

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