Friday, November 12, 2010


Il Girasole(meaning Sunflower in Italian), has been captured in a film by Marcel Meili and Christoph Schaub.  And it's not a surprise that this short film won an award for this charming and impressive exposition of the house that turns.  Nestled in the North-eastern part of Italy in the Veneto Region, the house was built back in the 1930's by architects Angelo Invernizzi and Ettore Fagiuoli.  The film is narrated by the would be daughter of the engineer who realized this beautifully executed structure.  

It is noted in the film, that the original owner who created Il Girasole meant for it to be a standing prototype--with the intention to build the model all over Italy.  Unfortunately, due to high cost to build la casa, it's remained unique--and the plan to populate was never built into fruition.  The design certainly remains an impressive and progressive edifice till this today--as it was when finished about 80 years ago; this makes the markings of something like a genius creation.  Have a watch at this film (via Wallpaper)--and it's most certain that you'll be delighted! (After the jump)

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