Monday, October 25, 2010


Like most industries who now have to adhere to the demands of developing technologies, fashion is not excluded.  These days most fashion houses not only have to produce a fashion show, but they also have to add a short film on their marketing check list to finish off the selling season.  This becomes an additional branding campaign to satisfy the recent need for what we call: a new media presence--a different animal than print--signs of the inevitable takeover of the digital age.  Hence, this new practice is becoming more and more integrated into the business plot to get their consumers dreaming of their brand--where they spend a big percentage of their waking hours--on the web.

(Video of Chanel's Film: Up Close after the jump).

Chanel as per usual presented their ready-to-wear collection in grand style.  The show took place in the beginning of the month at Paris Fashion Week at a simulated indoor 18th century jardin √† la Francaise (pictured above)--quite different from what the aesthetics of la nouvelle noir film de Chanel: Up Close, which you're about to see (below). 

Up Close: A New Film by Chanel for the S/S 2011 

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