Friday, October 8, 2010


Here's something you haven't seen before: a graphic design book for kids?  Designer/writer Pamela Pease is the author of the book: Design Dossier Graphic Design.  This latest edition for kids, is part of the Design Dossier by Pease: a collection of books, ranging from architecture, interior design, and fashion design.  The publisher is Paintbox Express, and Graphic Design for kids will be out this October 30th, while the rest of the ensemble were released last week, on September 30th.  The reading level is from 9-12 years old.

(See inside the Graphic Design dossier after the jump).

It's certainly a sign of our rapidly changing times: when the little youngins are starting to learn how to master the world of design at the early stage of pre-adolescence.  So watch out graphic designers, it looks like you have some fierce competition coming up!

Check out the entire collection below!

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Design Dossier Collection Pour L'Enfant
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