Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Every year, TED (the distinguished conference that stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design--striving to circulate "Ideas Worth Spreading"), awards its coveted TEDPrize to an outstanding contender whose dedication to their life's work has become a vital source to the cause of their choice.  

The winner receives two very significant components: $100,00-- to further their mission and the access to some of the most influential and adept minds in the world from the TED community.  Among some of winners in the past years are the likes of: Jamie Oliver, Dave Eggers, Bill Clinton, and Bono.  (Video and images of JR's world wide installations after the jump).

This year however, TED's choice has been deemed by some as controversial.  JR, an anonymous French "photograffeur,"as he likes to call himself, (half photographer, half graffiti artist) has won the acclaimed recognition with an impressive alliance to support his underground work.  

The street artist travels throughout some of the most conflicted parts of the globe--to tell stories that need telling--through the lens of a concerned cameraman.  He takes photos of the faces--caught in the web of the dilemma at hand--and plasters them in the most unexpected places.  These large scale installations are served in a platter of blatant public display--rendering loudly Pablo Picasso's words:  "Art is a lie that tells the truth."

In JR's visit to Africa for example, he realized: "The women reveal the whole condition of the society," the artist explained.  So he decided he would take pictures of random women in town and display their facial expressions in unforeseen settings. 

The hybrid artist then chose to continue this concept once he entered South America (pictured above).  He's also applied a similar method upon entering the hot waters of the middle east (see video below).  JR has said that he will use his prize money to continue to execute his projects.  

The anonymous yet well recognized photo plaster, has since admitted that he did not enter the competition himself, but that it was actually one of his friends who sent in his application. In return, the TED committee has also divulged to have chosen this particular presenter to tie his efforts in with a future art project that TED will reveal by next year.  

The Women of the Favelas in Brazil

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