Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Tonight at the Soho Grand is the opening reception for renowned photographer Terry O'Neill, curated by the Morrison Hotel Gallery.   The opening party will be held at the new Club Room: a newly added area of the hotel that was formerly to the left of the stairs with the gallery space converted into one big lounge complete with a DJ booth and a swaying floor.  The "Club Room," will feel like you have to be in with the club indeed, as the room is apparently limited access to the general public as well as the hotel guests. But then again, that's the Soho Grand in its regular state pretty much--so if you plan on going to this shindig this evening RSVP ASAP and get there early!

British photographer Terry O'Neill is known for fashion and celebrity photography taken during the 60's era.  Have a look as some of his works below and see what makes O'Neill's aesthetics exceptionally distinct--not to mention legendary (after the jump).

Brigitte Bardot by Terry O'Neill

Faye Dunaway with Oscar for Best Actress in the film Network by Terry O'Neill

Raquel Welch by Terry O'Neill

Clint Eastwood in between takes on set by Terry O'Neill

Robert Redford with Richard Helmes, then head of the CIA by Terry O'Neill

David Bowie posing for his album 'Diamond Dogs' for Terry O'Neill 1974


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