Tuesday, September 28, 2010


BMW announced one of its latest green designs to go out on the market: the MINI Scooter E--as in electric.  True to BMW form, the MINI Beamer certainly doesn't compromise anything in the luxury department.  Adrian van Hooydonk, the Senior VP of the BMW Design Group, says the that "The goal is to create something that can be fun, but that can also be premium."    Just take a look at the MINI video launch (below).  And do pay attention to a certain smart phone that plays the "key" role to turn the Scooter E on.  The smart phone has its own docking spot and also functions as the device for navigation.  It even maps out any other BMW MINI drivers in the vicinity, in case you wanted to meet up with like minded motorists.

MINI Scooter E Concept by Adrian van Hooydonk BMW Group Design

Van Hooydonk also reiterates how this "luxurious vehicle,"  is meant for an urban lifestyle.  "The scooter has a direct connection based on an electric drive and is very much suited for the city life."  The VP of Design also admits that when BMW thinks of designing for the future, of course they must start the design process with creating something that will emit zero emissions.   Hence, the E MINI is that very step forward for BMW towards a greener yet stylish road ahead.  

The BMW E Scooter: Two Seater

The BMW E Scooter: One Seater

BMW hasn't announced a launch date nor has it put a price on this gorgeous new green vehicle as of yet.  But by the looks of it: don't be surprised to pay a ritzy price for a posh product.

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