Friday, September 24, 2010


A recent boom has emerged in Berlin:  These days this up and coming trendy city is known for its growing community of artists and designers.  Louis Vuitton's new travel guide for Berlin 2011 promotes just that--an element in which the city has been getting quite an inviting reputation from: its architecture.  Berlin's design has certainly gone through multiple transformations: pre and post World Wars--with Western Germany claiming  its aesthetic distinction from its Eastern counterpart.  

Subsequent to WWII, the old Mitte (Berlin Wall middle ground), needed much refreshing and refilling.  It became a place where architects had the chance to build with a sense of experimental freedom--to represent the new, juxtaposed with resurrecting the old.  And the result:  Have a watch for yourself in pure LV style.  

Louis Vuitton Travel Items

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