Friday, September 10, 2010


Finally the fix to the ongoing 3G iPhone bug has been released.  As of yesterday, iOS 4.0 for the 3G nightmare ended.  Gone are the days when you suspected that your once cooler, more clever, and at times smarter-than-you-smart-phone had acquired schizophrenic tendencies.  Days when, it decided to erase all your emails, only to re-load it all over again for no apparent reason whatsoever.  Days when the iPod started to skip parts of your favorite songs, as you painfully attempted to multitask--a task once effortless from be-it-your-second-generation iPhone.   

Gone are the faded memories of the constant crashing when you tried to open a link from an email that you somehow managed to open.  No more freezing periodically to the point where you were barely able to answer your phone calls because the lock refused to open.  Gone are the days when most of your apps had trouble recognizing themselves; and when it finally decided to open, the app almost always crashed in the midst of downloading its full content.  

And so yes, today is a good day for 3G owners, because gone are the days when you know you're paying top dollar for a service that barely delivered function over form.  All this, because the new iPhone4 took over all of Apple's attention, which meant that their older inventions had to pay the price.  Needless to say at this point: if you download the iOS 4.1 upgrade, it's like nothing ever happened to your once bug-filled-mini-everything-device.  Just like that: the shiny magical gadget that you were once very much in-love with is now back--to its original impressive state.  

So thanks Apple, thanks for finally admitting that you're not perfect and working towards fixing your second mid-life identity crises.  It's been a couple of months now that a lot of your inventions have fallen an apple-a-day short.  So please, please don't become another Google:  Don't try to dip your technologically brilliant hands into way too many projects--ultimately making quality control suffer the consequences.  Your fan boys and girls are always impressed when you come up with--dare we say it: revolutionary designs.  But most of all you're loved because you use to believe that quality and simplicity at best above everything, toppled all competitors. And it did.  That is until the temptations of falling under the umbrella of becoming the next Microsoft, Google, or worse yet--the old Macintosh (minus the rationale factor of a Mr. Steve Jobs), became an option.  Yep-  we hope the Apple times aren't chagin.  Just remember:

iPhone 3G Fix: HERE

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