Friday, September 17, 2010


Acclaimed director Jacques Tati, reappears on the big screen some 28 years after his death.  The French comedic filmmaker appeared to have written a script with then long-term writing partner Henri Marquet back in 1956, which never made it to fruition.  That is, up until now when Sylvain Chomet, the caretaker of Tati's collective work,  sought permission to use one of the film-legend's famous clips from the director's daughter, Sophie Tatischeff, and it was in fact she who suggested to make an animated film out of what ended up to be L'llusionniste.  Ironically, the girl in the film is inspired by Tatischeff--who was originally intended to play herself in the script. 

Tati, famous for making accident prone comedic films, focused more on appealing to the audience's senses and less on using dialogue--which is what made the man's work brilliant--filled with nuances distinct from the rest--placing him as one of the greatest film makers in history.  See the trailer for one of his most celebrated movies: Le Vacances De Monsieur Hulot.   As well as The Illusionist trailer--recently launched at the Telluride Film Festival in Toronto this week, and will be out in selected theaters by Christmas.

Le Vacances De Monsieur Hulot



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