Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The on going two year tradition of launching designer Evian bottled water is now passed on to Issey Miyake for the 2011 edition.  Since 2008, the French water has employed fashion designers to design limited edition bottles--all dressed up in couture and ready to stand out from the rest.  

See video and check out the full effect of the campaign, plus the unveiling of Issey Miyake's design all bottled up in a water bottle. 

 Evian Campaign by Issey Miyake

Amongst other fashion icons who have participated in such branding campaigns for Evian is the first and one and only:  Christian Lacroix,  followed by Jean Paul Gaultier for 2009, and lastly, Paul Smith for 2010. 

Christian Lacroix for Evian (2008)

Jean Paul Gaultier for Evian (2009)

Paul Smith for Evian(2010)

The Evians go for about $14 a bottle and $112 for a case.  The past collections run more as they have become collectors items. 


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