Thursday, September 23, 2010


For about a year and half now, some of us have been wondering, if not even saddened to watch the downward spiral that Joaquin Phoenix has undergone.  So much so that there were rumors circulating of such caliber:  Is this a hoax?  Is this guy for real?  Why would someone who is at the pinnacle of their career retire?  How can someone purposely waste such a talent?  And why is Casey Affleck, his brother-and -law, following him around with a film crew, documenting Phoenix single-handedly destroy his brilliant career.  

                          I'm Still Here Trailer

Well last night, the experimental actor, disclosed the truth we've all been waiting for--in an reappearance on the David Letterman nonetheless--where during this so called mockumentary the actor played one of the best improvisational performances anyone has ever witnessed on late night national television.  

The interview, which Phoenix gave about a year ago when this whole thing started, had everyone talking and analyzing the gifted performer.  It even went as far as well-known psychoanalysts, taking notes during this infamous interview--trying to get a diagnosis and hence, a medical explanation on why one of the most talented actors of our time has gone mad and was tenacious enough to do it in the pubic eye.
Well the moment we thought would never come has arrived:  Joaquin Phoenix made a public disclosure of the documentary in question, I'm Still Here at what seems to be his arena of choice to gain national attention:  the David Letterman Show.  

The twice Oscar nominee told Letterman that the idea came one night with Affleck:  At the time both were baffled at how reality television had gotten so much acclaim--passed on as actual reality shows, when "all it is, is really bad acting, but with real names of the people playing their characters really badly,'  said Phoenix.  "We wanted to do a film that explored celebrity, and explore the relationship between the media and the consumers and the celebrities themselves."

Have a watch at the videos (below), courtesy of CBS, and watch the once mysteriously bearded actor finally step out of his horrific character and into a lucid filmmaker. It seems as though he and Affleck may have recently realized that this so called "fictitious documentary," may have been more fun for them to make, perhaps failing to considering whether or not it would have panned out with an audience in mind.  The film has been completed obliterated by critics--calling forth an additional question to mind:  Who's being mocked now? 


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