Monday, September 27, 2010


As the second largest polluting country in the world--which is perhaps a direct correlation with having a non-existent environmentally friendly national transportation system, the US is left at a desperate position to finally develop a high speed railway across the country.  Now having a president who is environmentally conscious, President Obama presents one of his progressive plans to create more jobs while moving towards caring more for the planet, "Imagine boarding a train in the center of the city, whisking through towns and walking only  a few steps to public transportation."  

(After the jump, see the national express rail demo by Siemans).

Apparently, in the foreseeable future this underrated method will be "faster, cheaper and easier," according to the president than "developing more freeways or adding more to the aviation system."  Siemans, a German engineering European conglomerate, is partnering with the US government to build the infrastructure right here in America.  The plan claims that it will create about 150,00 jobs for Americans--generating something like $19 billion from new business per year.  The initial proposal is to build a cross country connection within four cities:  Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, and Albany.  Have a watch at the video (below) to see the launch campaign for the undertaking of an old world model that finally made it into the new. 


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